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DETECTORIST, A How to Guide to Better Metal Detecting
was first published in 1993. For over two decades now, this book continues to be extremely popular with the metal detecting public worldwide. It was written generically without reference to metal detector brand name.

DETECTORIST is a technical how-to guide written for both the beginner and the experienced operator. It is designed to help you increase your knowledge of metal detectors, sharpen your skills at finding productive huntsites, and teaches you what to do when you get there — regardless of the metal detector brand you choose to use.

DETECTORIST generically explains metal detector features and controls, target analysis, accessory equipment, site research, field operation techniques, target pinpointing and recovery techniques, caring for finds, and the future. Also included is an updated glossary of terminology for the beginner. Numerous technical illustrations support the text throughout.

DETECTORIST is written, designed, illustrated and published by the author and is not subsidized by any metal detector manufacturer. Bob Sickler, former magazine field performance evaluator of metal detectors and industry design consultant, has been writing educational how-to articles for over a decade and enjoying metal detecting for 40+ years. Detectorist Illustrations.jpg (31941 bytes)


It is now 24 years that DETECTORIST has been in print since 1993 and I still get words of praise from new readers. It also marks 49 years that I have also enjoyed metal detecting. It is very humbling and gratifying to know my work has helped so many and continues to do so. I would just like to say thank you to all who have taken the time to write and express your praise and support for what I've accomplished. If I were to try and write advertising copy for my book, I honestly couldn't do it better than what you read below. These are just a few of the many genuine extracts and full letters from my readers over the years... Read the most recent letter from Lenard L. Dillingham... It is for people like this and others that this book was written. These are the best rewards an author can receive.

Thank you all sincerely,
Bob Sickler 

[One of my readers helping a fellow web forum member]... "Regarding setting your detector to "Auto" Tune when hunting in AM mode, this is referred to as the dynamic method of Ground Balancing on page 6-4 of Robert H. Sickler's book titled DETECTORIST. He says this is his preferred method, as opposed to the usual static method. He also says that the dynamic method is less confusing, faster and just as accurate as the static method.

If you don't have the above book, I highly recommend it, as there are many unique tips, accompanied by his excellent sketches, that I haven't found in any other MD'ing books or magazines and I have a large collection! He is the graphic artist who designed the series of sketches depicting how to dig a target, that you often see in other publications. After reading the book, I'm sure all will agree, Bob Sickler is truly a master detectorist, writer and graphic artist!
odd E. Brock, Ohio
[Thank you Todd]

"I have your book titled DETECTORIST, A How to Guide to Better Metal Detecting, last copyright 1994, and it is at the top of my list of favorite metal detecting tutorials! Your style of writing, along with the excellent drawings, makes the book unbeatable and I have recommended it highly to members on the MD'ing forums.

Your Book really gets into the "nitty-gritty" of what newbies and old timers alike need to know for better success in the field. I have a dozen other md'ing books by prominent authors, yet they do not address many of the concepts included in your book, for example, the section titled Target Perception, beginning on page 6-12.

Thanks for the hard work and sacrifices you endured to create this wonderful book; it is a great contribution to everyone interested in metal detecting and I hope you are reaping your just rewards!"
Todd E. Brock, Ohio

"What a thorough book, how lucky I am to have purchased a copy of it — many thanks to you! I appreciate your inscribing this book for me, too. Your book takes me (very curious amateur) on an educational odyssey that's much-needed — and your enthusiasm and considerate approach for both the detectorist and the environment — is excellent. I will have many happy days of reading and re-reading your book, learning how to become a better detectorist than I ever could have without your thorough, clear instruction."
Carol Hook, Virginia

"I just wanted to reach out and say how much I enjoyed reading your book. I have already taken your advice to the field, and have had great success. I am a novice to detecting, but I have been officially been bitten by the bug. (I find myself checking for silvers before placing change into my pocket). The definitions and simplification of terms helped me understand what to look and listen for while hunting. I did not have a firm grasp what threshold was or how to properly ground balance my detector until reading Detectorist. Thanks for writing a book for the everyday enthusiast, your knowledge has helped me tremendously."

Thank you sincerely,
Herbert Winnie, New York


"I have just received your book Detectorist. (Ordered mailed by me 11-18, sent by you 11-22, received by me 11-24, and already read by me cover to cover!) It is unquestionably the most outstanding book read by me in my 26 years in the hobby..."
Eugene A. Merecki, New York

"I'd like to thank you for writing DETECTORIST. I bought my first and only metal detector more than ten years ago. I quickly lost interest in it due to the fact that I was unable to find older coins. I am once again inspired!"
Mark Palas, Minnesota

"Got your book today and it delayed me in doing what I had planned to, it is an excellent book. You have written it with an obvious passion and this comes across in the text which makes it thoroughly enjoyable to read. I have other hobbies one of which is keeping Discus fish, in this hobby there is much hearsay and rigid opinion based on little fact.  It is refreshing to see that you have based some of your text on observation that follows reasonable rational, and scientific principle. Thank you for your prompt service and for writing an excellent book."
Warren Sellors, United Kingdom

"...The book is wonderful and is helping answer many mysteries that my manual never addressed... Thank you again so much!"
Laura Van Horn, Kansas

"I purchased a copy of your book Detectorist in January of this year and I would like to thank you for explaining a lot of questions I had. I've read and re-read it and still refer to it, in fact, just last week, over questions I have in the field... In closing I have one last question. When is your next book coming out?"
R. A. Schoppe, Texas

"Before I read your book, I thought I probably could have written one similar - me detecting since 1978 and all. Well, NO-WAY! I learned a lot! Thanks for a great book! And thank you for sharing."
Paul Badali, Utah

"Thanks for taking the time and putting your knowledge and experience on paper to share with those of us just starting."
Kathy Hodges, Minnesota

"I recently purchased your new book entitled Detectorist and thoroughly enjoyed it. I particularly like the generic format and I agree with your philosophy wholeheartedly. My hat's off to you for an excellent job well done and a great eye catching cover too. If there ever was a book that could be used as a study guide and textbook to aid in the teaching of the hobby/sport of metal detecting, I think your book would be ideal and serve greatly for this purpose. You certainly have achieved this feat..."
Barry Wainwright, New Jersey

"Thought I would drop you a short note about your book. I found the book very informative, but more than that, I now use it for a reference book."
Dennis J. Dostal, Ohio

"I received your book DETECTORIST several months ago and have read it countless times,  it's a work of art!! Your book taught me much, thanks for such a publication!
Neil Bair, Pennsylvania

"Like a breath of fresh air!" Thank You."
Dick Devoe, Kansas

“I saw your website on metal detecting today and just to let you know that I have done very good in the last ten years after reading and studying your two books that I bought from you. Several years ago I was detecting an old school in MS and got a signal that read 100 on my Tesoro Toltec II on one side, then I rotated 90 degrees and got a 85, then I decided that I should dig. Guess what? A silver dollar and a silver dime, the silver dollar was lying on a 45 degree angle and the silver dime was lying next to it at about 5 inches! This has happened several times over the years and just to let you know that your book paid off many times. I could tell you quite a number of stories about this that happened many times, but do not want to bore you... HA“ Take care.
Mike Thornhill, Mississippi

"This book is one of the most informative I have ever read and it has helped me in so many ways. I really appreciate the format and it wasn't like most of the books I have purchased, just a sales pitch for a particular brand and model. Again, I want to thank you. This book should rate very high on the must have list for detectorists."
Lenard L. Dillingham, Missouri


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